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Glimmer Rose

Rose gold is like super fancy gold mixed with shiny copper!


When they come together, it's like magic, making something really, really awesome.


It's not just cool; it's the fanciest of the fancy! It's so fancy that it's like saying, "I'm super rich, stylish, classy, and powerful!"


Imagine having that on your nails!


Putting that soft rose gold color on your nails doesn't just make them look grown-up and cool—it also reminds you to go after your dreams of being super rich. And guess what?


The nail polish is made with lots of love, and it's good for everyone, even kids like you! But, if you're a tiny kiddo, it's better to use it on your toes so you don't accidentally put your fingers in your mouth.


And, oh, before you use it, give the bottle a good shake, like you're making a shake for your nails! That way, it works the best!

Glimmer Rose

$7.00 Regular Price
$4.00Sale Price
  • Make sure to shake your bottle really well before use. 

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