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Just Jelly - Bubblegum Flavored

Jellies, you won't believe this awesome lip gloss called Just Jelly!


It's super special because Paris, who's the cool mom behind the dream, made it just for herself at first.


She has big dreams and really needs a gloss that had EVERYTHING she ever wanted.


Before this magic Just Jelly, she was mixing all kinds of glosses. There was a base balm, some moisturizer, something shiny, and maybe even a little mint! It was like a lip gloss potion or something.


But now, Just Jelly is like all those things in ONE! It's made with cool oils like Vitamin E, Coconut oil, Almond oil, and some flavoring oils.


And guess what? It's vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free, so it's like, good for everyone!


You only need a tiny bit, and boom, you get this mega shine that lasts super long. Plus, the tube makes it so easy to put on, and it even protects your lips from the sun. How cool is that?


Oh, and did I mention it's bubblegum flavored? Like, whoa! It's clear but tastes like bubblegum, and it stays shiny for a really long time. You can wear it by itself or over another lippie for extra glam!


So, if you want a must-have, super shiny, and long-lasting gloss, Just Jelly is where it's at!



Just Jelly - Bubblegum Flavored

Check your email for shipping date! We can't wait to get you JELLY!
  • All glosses are made with a custom blend of cosmetic oils focused on moisture! Vitamin E, Coconut oil, Almond oil, and flavoring oils. We are vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, and made with you in mind. 

  • Only a small amount is needed to give you a long lasting shine. The tube allows the gloss to be applied easily. 

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